Released on October 2nd through Alan McGee’s infamous Creation 23 record label, the Fife dreamy rock ‘n’ roll quartet have provided indie fans with the swift-paced alternative release they have been longing for.

‘Love Collides’ presents a sense of immediate influential impact to the listener from renowned artists of the alternative genre such as Courteeners and The Stone Roses with a high tempo suspenseful John Squire esque guitar riff accompanied by rapid hi-hat strikes. We are then introduced to all members of the band in full swing bursting in to tune.

Shambolics showcase their unique blend of currently booming Scottish indie sound and 1990’s Manchester alternative providing a modern day twist, with the first combination springing to mind being ‘The View meets The La’s’. Love Collides also demonstrates the bands vocal talent with sleek harmonising featured most notably in the track’s chorus.

Shambolics tearing down the roof of a sold out St. Luke’s before lockdown on 14/03/20!

Lyrically, Shambolics explore the relatable situation of adapting a failing relationship and falling for an unpredictable partner that drives you crazy, but you would do anything for. The resolution of this conflict is demonstrated through an infectious dreamy chorus where we can feel the extent of emotion involved from the lead vocalist in his in this love-letter style lyricism.

“It’s alright, I’ll be there by your side, and it’s alright, I’ll take it in my stride, and it’s alright, we’ll let the love collide”

Shambolics signed to Creation 23 management back in 2019, a label that needs no introduction with a history of producing notorious indie outfits – with Love Collides being an obvious indication of why this decision must have been easy for Alan McGee when signing them.

As one of Scotland’s leading talents in the alternative rock genre alongside outfits such as The Snuts and The Capollos, it is no surprise they have received clitical acclaim from the likes of This Feeling and Radio X, with Fred Perry hailing them as ‘one of Scotland’s best new bands’. Shambolics are inevitably destined for a career of success.

Satisfy your daily indie adrenaline rush with Love Collides on Spotify.