‘Happy Place‘ is the debut single from talented up-and-coming solo artist Ryan Phillips. Released through Dekko Records, Ryan is sure to impress Scottish music fans with this relatable and upbeat acoustic debut release.

The Port-Glasgow based singer/ songwriter lyrically explores escapism relating to clearing your headspace and the many different forms it can take where the worries that come along with daily life are briefly forgotten. “Happy Place” is incredibly relatable to a teenage/ youth audience who will have their own individual form of escapism whether it be following a passionate hobby or one similar to Ryan – socialising with pals. Listeners may find comfort and reassurance in Ryan’s melodies upon hearing their own interpretations of a ‘Happy Place’ reflected back to them. 

“So you close your eyes and go to your happy place, I know that sounds cliche that’s okay.

In a drunken haze with your mates, laughing all your troubles away.

And now it’s all okay, you’re in your happy place.”

The first chorus is concluded with a popular guitar strumming technique utilised by fellow Scottish indie/ folk musician Gerry Cinnamon using upward strokes to create a rhythmical beat that is almost irresistible to tap along to when it kicks in, forming a quick paced pulse that will be sure to heighten audiences’ attention once played live.

Here’s Ryan recording ‘Happy Place’ at Soundshape Studios!

Most notably, Ryan makes use of thickly accented vocals creating an instant relatability to Scottish listeners who can hear a form of their own accent sang back to them. This technique has been made popular lately by solo acoustic Scottish acts such as Dylan John Thomas and Gerry Cinnamon, and of course, alternative rockers, The Snuts. All of these acts have achieved great success that extends to further than Scotland, of which it is appearing most promising that Ryan will soon follow on to create his own success within the music industry.

“Happy Place” is not only Ryan’s first solo release, but also the debut launch from ‘Dekko Records’, an independent Scottish based record label. Both new ventures into the Scottish music scene from these lads are incredibly exciting and I guarantee it will not take long for both Ryan Phillips and Dekko Records to cement themselves within the current Scottish music scene and take a firm grasp of the interest of indie/ alternative music fans – hopefully to be followed up soon with another single. 

Happy Place becomes available on all major streaming platforms on 14/8/20. Make sure to check out the links below to Ryan’s social media pages where he performs live stream sessions!