Perthshire’s rising stars, Avaera, a trio of promising young talent have released what could described as the soundtrack of 2020. ‘Grow Up’, a tune with thundering drums and fiercely intense guitar hooks, is a track that is about appreciating everyone in your life, new and old faces alike. With lyrics exclaiming that it is okay to look to your friends for guidance when you need it and it is okay to lose people as you grow and evolve as a person and move on in life into new experiences. This tune has such a heart-warming message to it, which makes it even more special. The vocals in ‘Grow Up’ are extremely powerful, combining that with the strong message of the track, and the infectiousness of the chorus, this tune is one that highlights the talent these lads possess. Setting out to make music that makes you think and feel, Avaera are also making music that is easy listening, something to sing and dance along to.