Single Review | Russell Stewart | Align

“Russell Stewart Aligned on a course for a new euphoric hit”

Jack Boa – Discovery Music

Glasgow’s very own Russell Stewart, cultivator of electronic soul and alternative synth beats’ is back with his new single Align.

Stewart, who had massive success with this song’s predecessor Midsummer has continued his approach to soulful instrumentals paired with short, punchy lyrics. Combining these two elements creates an audible pulse that is pleasant to listen to. All the while scattering raindrop-like drum beats composed of attention-grabbing flickers of light that draw your attention.

Align is about the struggle that comes with striving to make the start of a relationship work. Putting blame on the other person for all failings until you realise that you too are at fault, then accepting that you just don’t fit together and it wasn’t meant to be. This track marks the beginning of a new musical period in my life.” 

Russell Speaking on Align – Align EPK

Referring to Russell’s words above, Align does give a fresh and clean feeling. The track picks up the tempo quickly and fades just as fast. This can be related to Russell rebuilding himself, taking the form of fast piano pieces with the contrary being the slower subdued sections reflecting the current situation.

Russell Stewart – Kieran Howe

Align was released on September 2nd and was produced by Stuart Ramage and Roan Ballantyne of VanIves. The Glaswegian has also filmed a video for Align which you can find here. Russell is purely on an upward trajectory following this single which I will eagerly follow.