Single Review | Slim Wrist | Milk Teeth

Slim Wrist are an up and coming synth pop inspired indie band from Edinburgh. The duo’s music has an interesting electronic feel which is an interesting but one of a kind combination of pop, electronic and alternative. Milk Teeth, is the third and final single released as a teaser for their debut album Closer for Comforting, which drops today (September 9th 2022). Given the incredible reception of the album’s first two singles, Details and BBC introducing track of the week, The Soft, Milk Teeth and Closer for Comforting as a whole are destined to be incredible.

Milk Teeth starts with an ambient rumbling synth bass and interesting electric drum beat. The stripped back intro is captivating as the song could follow in any direction. The combination of electronic sounds and soft vocals creates an almost eerie yet dreamlike combination. The strong female vocal and combined genre gives the duo a sound which has been described as similar to the Cocteau Twins as well as up and coming band, Another Sky.

The track continues with the kind of beat you bop your head to. The melodies and introduction of each new voice part and instrument creates a simple but enjoyable song with a catchy chorus that would be easily sung along to in a live setting. The stripped back verse and lead back into the verse helps add dynamics to the piece and keeps it interesting throughout.

The production of the song is another great and notable part of Milk Teeth, as well as the duo’s other tracks. They all sound incredibly high quality especially for such a small band. Each aspect of Slim Wrists music sound perfectly thought out and professional from the writing to the execution.

Overall, Milk Teeth is a brilliant example of the incredible and unique music small artists are producing today. Along with the group’s other works, the single is really well done and and enjoyable listen. The group’s debut album is definitely a must listen and is available now.

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