Single Review l MIIRRORS | Who Is She?

Alternative pop duo MIIRRORS just released their latest single Who is She?, an upbeat track inspired by 80’s synth. The group started off as friends who eventually brought their shared love of music together and created MIIRRORS. Who is She?, is the group’s second single following their debut Lookout that was released earlier this year.

The track very fittingly opens with a funky synth and electric drum beat. It’s an uplifting start to the song and sets the rest of the track up well. The almost electronic sounding vocals also fit the instrumentation really well, the combination and melody sounding almost like a more alternative influence of Daft Punk. The verse flows well into the chorus, a catchy and dance worthy section of the song. Who is She? is the kind of track that gets a crowd dancing and singing in a live setting.

Chris and Craig of MIIRRORS, who created the track Who is She?

Another notably impressive part of the song is the production. Recorded and produced from home, this song is a great display of MIIRRORS talents not only as musicians but as producers. The track is all round high quality from the recording, mixing and mastering to the vocals, lyrics and instrumentation.

Overall, Who is She? is a brilliant display of MIIRRORS musical talent and shows the potential the group has leaving us excited to see what’s next.

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