Recognisable by their incredible and intricate guitar riffs, as well as their soft spot for the tonic, Glasgow’s indie punk 4 piece Petty Cassettes demonstrate influences of The Libertines and Glasvegas in order to portray their honesty as songwriters, as well as their individuality and personality, which makes them a highly likeable act. 
If the release of their EP ‘Live Cassettes’ back in March wasn’t enough to justify how brilliant this band really are, then their newest track ‘Lately’ certainly will.

Channeling essences of noughties indie, this track gives off a feeling of nostalgia as a crisp yet calming guitar riff sounds in the beginning. Like every good punk tune this one embraces distorted and rocky guitar complimenting the front mans raspy vocals. The tracks introduction portrays this song as a headbanger until we are abruptly brought into the chorus which is very jumpy and comprises prompt and cavorting guitar playing. With the uplifting chorus, lyrics declaring, “rock n roll is all you know” followed by an “oh oh oh”, this tune establishes itself as a guaranteed hit with crowds in the eventuality of gigs returning. An elevating bass line, accompanied by an epic guitar solo draws us towards the songs closure. With the chanting of the words, “I’ve seen it all” this track acts as a visualisation of the day when we can all dance and sing along to this track in a full venue with no thought of the recent circumstances we’ve all been enduring. 
In all this band deserve great recognition as they have done themselves extremely proud with every tune they’ve released and I look forward to what else they have to offer in the future.