In the heart of Glasgow, within the creakingly full walls of the O2 Academy, Fletcher graced the stage last Friday night (the 3rd of May 2024), igniting an atmosphere that had been crackling with anticipation.

As the lights dimmed, the crowd transformed into a sea of eager faces, all united by their love for Fletcher (the woman and her music). She emerged, perched high above the audience on a massive backdrop screen. Her presence was magnetic—a beacon drawing in a diverse tapestry of fans. The stage, adorned with vivid screens, became a canvas for bold imagery and evocative lyrics, setting the tone for an evening that would engage both eyes and ears.

The setlist, thoughtfully curated from her latest album ‘In Search of the Antidote,’ was enriched with select tracks from her debut—an album she never had the chance to tour due to illness—and showcased Fletcher’s unique blend of infectious melodies and deeply personal storytelling. Each song felt like a chapter in a larger narrative, touching on the experiences of the assembled throng with raw honesty and uplifting hope.

Yet, it wasn’t just about the music. Fletcher’s unguarded interactions with the crowd elevated the concert beyond mere performance. She shared stories, laughed, and at times, revealed her vulnerability. It was as if we were all part of an intimate gathering, connected by the magic of music.

Fletcher at O2 Academy, Glasgow © 3rd Mile.

During one of many hilarious exchanges with crowd members, a Scotland football top with Fletcher and 94 (the year of her birth) on the back was thrown to her. As soon as she held the shirt high for all to see the entire room erupted into a rendition of “No Scotland No Party” an anthem to the tune of the White Stripes’ “Seven Nation Army”. After a few moments of everyone onstage watching in awe, the band soon cotton on and start playing the music for the crowd to get even louder to. After a moment of confirmation as to what was being shouted, Fletcher too gets involved. A truly special moment.

Yes, there were hiccups. Weeks of touring appears to have taken a toll on Fletcher’s voice, though this was only noticeable occasionally. However she turned it into an opportunity, instead of stumbling she leaned into the crowd, creating moments of call-and-response that only amplified the energy.

Nearing the end of the main set, Fletcher picked up a guitar and delivered “For Cari”, a first-time performance on this tour. Her flawless execution hinted at a seasoned professional who knew when to conserve her voice for the big moments, and when to trust her fans to carry the moment.

Highlights abounded. During “Antidote”, Fletcher’s voice soared, enveloping the room in a cathartic release. The screens pulsed with empowering messages, echoing the sentiments of every heart present. Fletcher’s band, mostly bathed in purple hues, played a crucial role—interacting with her and the crowd – adding further depth to the show.

There were a few very choreographed moments, such as “Joyride” where she and her guitarists return to the height of the backdrop screen to perform. This continued with “Crush” where – still atop the screen – Fletcher rolled around as if in bed, played to the audience’s desires and elicited quite a few squeals of delight. Tate McCrae’s tour rolled into the same venue the week prior and that was a pop/dance performance of perfection. Tonight, whilst sharing a few similar elements, playfulness, and fun, oozed so much more integrity.

For the encore, Fletcher reappeared on the balcony, wearing the Scotland football jersey that had been thrown onstage earlier. From that vantage point, she sang “Doing Better”, reaching out to fans both below and above. It was a masterclass in engagement and collective spirit.

By the end of the night as the final chords of “Becky’s So Hot” reverberated through the room, uniting us all, it was clear Fletcher’s show wasn’t just about entertainment; it was a statement—a celebration of solidarity. She’s dominating her European Tour, and her Glasgow performance proved that she’s got the stage presence to rival some of the best. Taylor Swift would be proud.