Mike Clerk’s single ‘Thoughts of Fools” dives deep in to the nitty gritty of the minds darkest depths.  

The Fife based musician released his latest single that layers a multitude of instruments that when blended together creates a track that ignites a musical fire. 

Thoughts of Fools starts with a piano/bass loop accompanied by a shaker in an off-beat groove- ascending to a distorted guitar fused melody.  

Joined by lyrics that discuss the battle and stigma with mental health, a subject which many connect with. Clerk highlights all too familiar situations faced when expressing his own struggles such as the “doctors demean you when you cry” and “brothers believe you when you lie”. 

A clear ode to societal attitudes surrounding mental health, men’s in particular.  

‘If you’re a receiver of thoughts of fools, they keep telling you, you never escape the hurt in you’ 

Composition wise, Clerk’s track maintains the same empowering rhythm throughout giving the song space to explore vocal dynamics and additional layers like lead guitar.  

MIKE CLERK (ex-The Lost Generation) – Returns with “Thoughts of Fools” – R  o c k 'N' L o a d

There is a powerful consistency in this song that enhances the impact both rhythmically and lyrically, this brings home the message portrayed throughout the track- you are not alone with these feelings.  

Overall, Thoughts of Fools is a song that is empowering, relatable, an ode to the harder times in life. 

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