Glasgow based indie rockers Pandas come in with another radio-ready and bombastic banger on new track Debbie

Being described by members of the band as ‘the love between a man and his moped’, a niche that is mysterious enough to present the listener with long-lasting lessons about broader subjects, ‘Debbie’ is the summer song that you never knew that you needed.

Pandas are a band who, throughout their career thus far, have strived to present the beauty of human empathy and togetherness with their accessible and catchy indie tunes being the vessel for these important messages. With the song ‘Debbie’ this mission is absolutely no different as there is an undeniable flair and spirit surrounding the aura of the group. With punchy guitars, drums that present themselves with an exuberant confidence and the passionate, charming vocals, the band have made a hit for the lovers, the feelers and the dreamers. With lyrical and vocal mastermind Ellis Hurley at the helm, the track presents the question of ‘is the listener ready to find themselves transported into the world of Pandas?’

This track was produced at Eggman Studios in Glasgow and is set to release on streaming services and wherever else you find music on July 30th, with it also serving as the leading single to the bands’ heavily awaited debut EP, released via Classy Lassy Records.