Singer/Songwriter Eleanor Hickey is back with beautiful new single ‘2017’.

Eleanor Hickey is a Scottish singer/songwriter that is becoming widely recognised throughout the local music scene. Taking inspiration from artists such as Aretha Franklin and The Supremes.

‘2017’ is a stunning track that explores themes of self-reflection and discovery through the obstacles and challenges that life throws at you. The track offers moments of vulnerability and strength, delivered through Eleanor’s powerful vocal delivery that carries you along with the emotions of the track.

Lyrically, the piece is incredibly strong, taking you on a journey of finding your own inner strength. The hook of back in 17′ sticks with you throughout the track making you want to listen to it again! The bridge section is also a major highlight throughout the track with Eleanor’s vocals opening up and creating a beautiful and emotional moment.

Overall ‘2017’ is a really moving track and I can’t wait to see what Eleanor does next! Make sure to check her out on social media to keep up to date with future releases and gig announcements.