Less than a month after their last release, Slowmove have stormed the music scene with another outstanding track- “Haven”.

A different vibe from their previous work, “Haven” introduces itself with an early 2000’s pop-punk feel. Crunchy, high-pass filtered guitars and drums open the track before the vocals take over with a message of vulnerability and opposition.

“Haven” features a slower tempo with the bass guitar becoming the focal point and airy reverberant vocals captivate your attention in a siren-like manner. The track then builds in layers of intensity before exploding to an alternative screamo rock vibe.

The change in pace holds the attention of the listener and allows for more focus on the lyrics.

“I am green with envy, of those who can muster the courage to tell others how they feel”

Hard-hitting and heart-felt, lyrically “Haven” is as heavy as the instruments which accompany it.
This track calls attention to the versatility of Slowmove’s musical abilities, showing their experience and influence from their other projects as well as generating a unique sound for themselves.

“Haven” comes to a close with spacious and harmonious guitars, leaving one feeling uplifted but not untouched by the weight of the song.

Slowmove are sure to transcend their grassroots title with spots on various line-ups including their own headline show in Newcastle! You can also catch Slowmove in September, as they head out with Deter for four nights across Scotland.

Check out their socials below for more details (and another awesome music video)