Ophelia Lies

Glasgow’s bilingual pop duo Ophelia Lies are staring isolation in the face with their summery new single.

In a post-2020 world the creative arts are undoubtedly going to be dominated by themes of isolation. Ophelia Lies are getting their contribution in early before the inevitable isolation-fatigue sets in – and it’s a welcome one. 

The opening distorted riff is straight from my hazy memories of early-2000s indie tracks – the whole track has a warm, nostalgic ambience that feels like a welcome hug after an extended period of quarantine. Glittering arpeggios and rapid synth pulses carry the pair’s breathy vocals through the infectious chorus while Dubla’s verse is a welcome departure from the English-speaking hegemony of the Scottish music scene. The bass has a satisfying chunkiness to it that gives the track a sense of purpose, although the bridge feels slightly like it exists simply to kill time before the final chorus. 

It’s a real shame we won’t hear ‘Isolation’ at any summer festivals this year, but it’s clearly a song determined to make you feel better about staying inside.