Back of the Queue is the brand new single from Aberdeen based Brit Pop inspired quintet Monza Express. Upbeat feel good indie rock with a nostalgic edge, Monza Express are credibly gaining strong traction both recording wise and on the live scene. Influenced by the likes of The Beatles, Oasis and The Who, there’s a strong retro endurance heard from this lot.

The follow on from 2022 indie swinging Lady Belle, Back of the Queue is Monza Express first new release of 2023 so far. Released Friday 2nd June, Back of the Queue received a timely official premier live debut performance at the iconic Liverpool Cavern Club. As part of the Liverpool leg of the annual International Pop Overthrow Festival, Monza Express coincided the single release to compliment that bucket list Cavern appearance.

Lyrically it’s about moving on. Accepting getting a bit older, things changing around you, leaving things behind or being left behind. The starting lyrics were based off my daughter wiping her hands on my T-shirt when she was a toddler. It’s the first time we’ve used a harmonica on a track and it fits really well.

Fraser Bateman – vocals/guitar/harmonica

Back of the Queue is a moment of reflection for Monza Express. Reminiscent of 90’s Scottish indie such as Teenage Fanclub and Belle & Sebastian, the single captures that feel good nostalgia. A steady familiar pace that doesn’t offer any plot twists but it doesn’t need to. Full of melody, Back of the Queue is delightfully simple. The harmonica entrance towards the songs outro feels like a natural extension for this band and I’m sure it won’t be the last time it makes an appearance for Monzo Express.

Another singalong favourite for these Beatles inspired Aberdeen guys which will no doubt ear worm it’s way into the minds of anybody who gives it a play.

Check of Back of the Queue by Monza Express now.

words by Anne Kelly