Single Review | Dead Pony | War Boys

Glasgow rockers Dead Pony have risen once more with the release of the title track of their new EP, ‘War Boys’.

After the announcement back in June of 2022, the band’s debut EP has been on my mind constantly. It’s safe to say this taste of what’s to come has not disappointed.

Similar to their previous release Bullet Farm‘, the new single is inspired by the band’s love of the latest Mad Max movie.

“Imagine you’re being chased through a barren wasteland on a motorbike. A leather laden fugitive who is trying to escape Immortan Joe and willing to take a detour through the gates of Valhalla. This anthem is for you.”

Dead Pony on ‘War Boys’

‘War Boys’ is quite simply, electric. The track opens with the low rumble of a motorcycle and the clinking of chains, before jumping straight into the thick of things with some chaotic grunge guitar.

Incorporating similar blaring siren samples to those in ‘Bullet Farm’ really helps develop the chaotic atmosphere. However, this time it is blended into the music much more discreetly.

A heavy bass line and drumbeat complete the instrumentation, making it loud, exciting, and in your face.

The chorus is incredibly catchy, with that signature Dead Pony spark I have grown to love. An abundance of huge symbol crashes and wild guitar riffs build on the chaos from the verses even further but most importantly the chorus is extremely memorable.

Lyrically, the song blends really well with the Mad Max vibe the band looked to emulate. It sounds like a monologue from the perspective of a survivor of a war-torn world – hence the title – ruthless and untrustworthy to those around them.

“Kick you, on the corner, put you on the floor”, “I’m sick to death of everyone I’ll never get no doubt”. All these lyrics aim to and succeed to capture the mad and rebellious nature of the war boys from the movie. It makes you feel like you’re in an action movie, even if you’re sitting indoors on a dreich, boring afternoon.

There is an obvious theme of rebellion present across all the singles from this EP so far. It is likely the final product will follow that trend and be a very cohesive piece.

Watch out for the EP, which finally drops on September 23rd.