Barely feels like a hot minute since we were soaking up the last brand new Mark Sharp and The Bicycle Thieves single, Superman and now they have gifted us another already. From their freshly announced upcoming debut album Unmask The Circus is the infectiously joyous (All That) Northern Soul. 

(All That) Northern Soul comes just a couple of weeks since the band announced their eagerly anticipated debut album. Following in the footprints of the likes of Hamish Hawk and Brownbear, Unmask The Circus will be released August 25th on Scottish based Assai Records. With a limited run of Obi edition coloured vinyl, cd and cassette bundles available the Assai team have already been inundated with orders.

As the song title suggests, (All That) Northern Soul is full of, well, northern soul goodness. It’s a real feel good summer anthem that would pull even the biggest of cynics up off their chairs for a boogie. Opening with a distinctive brass fanfare and keeping in in a timely upbeat four by four rhythm, it’s got the bones of any classic Motown number. With Mark’s soulful tone and the band’s enthusiastic energy this new track is a match made in indie soul heaven. 

It’s not like Superman and it’s not like Last Dance, but that’s what makes Mark Sharp and The Bicycle Thieves so alluring. What they do have in common is the ability to make people smile and want to get up an move. A uniquely endearing quality that captures the power music is capable of. An instant fan favourite, (All That) Northern Soul is one of the Whitburn lads most fun moments yet.

Words by Anne Kelly