Single Review | Community Swimming Pool | Head in the Clouds

head in the clouds single artwork

Paints the picture of two people reiterating and re-enforcing relatability.

Community Swimming Pool brings us four and a half minutes of tranquility with newest single ‘head in the clouds‘. Community Swimming Pool is the work of bmac who writes and creates all of the tracks under this name. This tune also features backing vocals from Tilda Gratton, one half of London duo Atmos Bloom.

Head in the clouds‘ is Community Swimming Pool’s first single since August 2022 release ‘all the time‘. There is an obvious contrast in sounds between these two newer singles. Where ‘all the time‘ has a relatively upbeat sound, ‘head in the clouds‘ serves a calmer and smoother melody. With the lyric “don’t wanna be blue” repeated throughout the track, it is unapologetically clear what this song is about. Previously, bmac’s words have been described as “autobiographical lyrics” and this continues to be brought into the new song. Additionally, the phrase “head in the clouds” has various meanings. It could mean being distracted and withdrawn. However, it could also mean a state of calmness and somewhere mentally far away from your current state of mind.

It is obvious to see how talented bmac is within this Community Swimming Pool project and everything else he does. He makes the creation of relatable and resonating tracks look effortless and he is successful every time. With ‘head in the clouds‘, the song constructs and creates a mental image of doing just what the title suggests. The voices of bmac and Gratton serve almost as a relaxing mantra, repeating thoughts everyone has had. Because of the different pitches in their voice, it paints the picture of two people telling us the same thing, reiterating and re-enforcing the relatability behind the track.

I think this tune is amazing, it is refreshing compared to the vast collection of sometimes overly high energy infused tracks that have been released recently. It’s nice to have a calmer song to listen to. It’s soothing melody will help take your mind from feeling stressed or overwhelmed, and into the clouds. It is a song that I highly recommend listening to.