“Kb and the Rascals” release electric debut single Suffocating (My Airways).

If you are looking for a new alternative rock band to obsess over then we’ve got you. This exciting new band just released their debut single “Suffocating (My Airways)” which was recently followed by a launch event at Broadcast. As the song starts Kb’s vocals quickly invite you to a very introspective performance as the singer is almost whispering into the microphone. This quickly changes however when the drums get in and the song only gets bigger from there onwards, by this point you expect the chorus to come in in a very pop rock catchy way but instead you get a vocal improvisation that elevates the track making it raw, emotional and powerful.

If you are familiar with Kaitlyn’s solo music you will certainly be able to tell that there is a notable change in tone and style with this single which is very intriguing. There is something very cathartic about the chorus that I personally found to be intoxicating and I can’t say that the song reminds me of anything else which is always an exciting discovery.

Hearing the song live was also electrifying as expected. Needless to say we are eagerly awaiting the band’s second release here at Discovery Music Scotland but till then we will be listening to “Suffocating” and we recommend you do too.

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KATERINA is an indie artist from Crete, Greece based in Ayr, Scotland. After releasing her first single «They’re trying to sell my books» at the end of 2022 through Damfino Records, she has performed live at CamGlen Radio, Culture Incrociate and Glasgowstreetsound. Her newest single “Ballad of a Hollywood Dreamer” was recently played live on BBC Introducing.