Retro Video Club make a glorious return with a massive new track.

Hailing from Edinburgh, Retro Video Club are a well-renowned indie-rock powerhouse that are back with yet another impressive release. As their sound evolves and gets stronger with each new single, we are always looking forward to seeing what they do next.

Described by the band on Twitter as “the biggest risk we’ve ever taken as a band. It’s Favourite Worst Nightmare meets Billie Eilish vibes and we absolutely love it.” Needless to say, the risk pays off as they deliver one of their biggest singles to date.

Sonically, Disaster takes things in a new, heavier direction than last month’s single “Cloud 9” and their March offering “Checkmate”. The track starts out with vivacious drums and some distorted guitar before Liam joins in on vocals and we hear a catchy riff. After the first verse, the guitar really kicks into action; all loud and fast the four-piece are holding nothing back. Three minutes of relentless anthemic indie rock, the single has an edge that sets it apart from the rest.

The track carries that raw energy that we know and love from Retro Video Club, and it’s sure to sound huge live when the band return to the stage next month. We would love to hear more of this in the future! Click here to listen to Disaster and don’t forget to watch the lyric video below.

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