Single Review | La Mantra | CR*SH

Emerging rock trio La Mantra have just released their debut single ‘CR*SH’ which is drenching individuality, energy and punching rock influences. La Mantra is made up of frontman Ryan, guitarist and producer Ged and lead guitarist Scott and the three have clearly found themselves and their sound on the debut that is firmly positioning them within the modern musical landscape of punk and rock!

They sound refreshingly catchy and bring a bag of filthy riffs to the mix, with their combination of heavy pop, meets hip hop and pure adrenaline they created a track hard to get out of your head after you’ve listened to it once, maybe twice. La Mantra created a sound for fans of Royal Blood and Paramore and would certainly make for a very compelling support act for the two.

Being businessmen they were unable to contain their talent for music which is where they seem to be able to unload and truly express themselves, their consistently energetic sound and upbeat rhythms make for a very creatively produced new track. ‘CR*SH’ is the first in a series of five singles that are due to be released this year, and with a full set of originals the band is ready to take over the grassroots music venues as soon as. If you’re ready for some sexy organised chaos, you’re ready for La Mantra.

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