Single Review | mosaics | 27 Summers

Fife-based indie quintet mosaics have an impressive catalogue of singles and a debut EP already, and they’re adding arguably their best song yet to this with the release of ’27 Summers’. It may still be winter, but this is a song I can definitely see being on everyone’s summer playlist; it’s got that idealistic, dreamy sound to it that just makes it perfect for sunny days (or nights!).

The lyrics, though, are much more more introspective than you may think at first. The song is about regrets and reminiscing on good times with someone who’s no longer in your life. A strong vocal from Alex Wilson ensures that they really pack a punch and elicit emotions, as well as being super fun to sing along to. The guitar riff is as catchy as you’d expect from this band, who have had their own unique sound since their first single ‘Can’t See You Tonight’.

That said, and I mean this in the very best way as they’re one of my favourite bands, this really gave me strong Wombats vibes. It particularly reminds me of ‘Greek Tragedy’, but generally speaking, if you love their album Glitterbug then you absolutely need to check out mosaics.

I’m so excited to be attending their headline gig at legendary Fife venue PJ Molloy’s the same day this comes out, and look forward to reviewing that for Discovery at some point soon! The Scottish music scene is just filled with talent at the moment, and this is for sure another band on my list of ones to watch in the next couple of years.