Formed after the 2020 lockdown in Scotland, La Club Royale continue to experiment with new sounds in their latest single, Feel Alive. 

Lyle Kennedy and Connor Adam initially created the project as a creative output when their previous indie group Ranzasbut went on hiatus. The duo decided that these songs were too good to be kept personal, and therefore La Club Royale was born. 

Lyle Kennedy and Connor Adam

Their latest song released on June 23rd aims to add “a natural feel to [their] productions while remaining true to [their] core influences.”  

Continuing to draw inspiration from their 80’s icons such as; Human League, Brosnki Beat and OMD, the pair “felt like [they] had to evolve our sound to be a [truer] reflection of what really inspires [them] with artist such as; Hot Chip Soulwax and New Order.”  

To give this track a more natural feel, La Club Royale added more live instrumentation and used samples from live drum kits. You can hear this change in Feel Alive as Connor plays a live bass throughout the song.  

Starting with a strong, punchy beat played over jumbled background vocals sets the tone for this release straight off the bat.  

Feel Alive is a callout to their hometown, coming from one of the band’s initial writings. Recording the lead vocals in one take was a conscious choice to give the track a more natural feel.  

Lyle’s melodic vocals steer you through the memories of the band’s hometown and what they experienced there. Accompanied by the relaxing electronic-indie instrumentals, Feel Alive is a truly unique song that gives you shivers.  

Ultimately, it’s a synth-y, dream-like, memorable song that paves the way for what kind of music you can expect in the future from the band.  

La Club Royale Soundcloud is here.

La Club Royale Spotify is here.

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