Kasama have been absolutely smashing it with their latest releases like their EP ‘Noisy Neighbors’ released 10th August 2018 and Single ‘Part of the Furniture’ released 22nd March 2019 which got me excited to hear their new song ‘Deep Water’ released 4th October 2019 and let me tell you they have not disappointed with this belter of a song.

Artwork By Sadie O’DONOGHUE

The song has a different feel to it compared to the other singles the band have recently released with a much more moody Celtic vibe like Kassidy and levellers but they have definitely kept the indie sound and style with the voice of Tyee Wright.

Starting off with an intriguing and luring sound made up of the drums blending in with the bass and then acoustic guitar providing us with a very deep and layered melody at which point the band adds even more depth and punch with what sounds to be a violin “unusual for a indie band” making the perfect melody for the vocals/lyrics to come in and sets the scene of the song.

‘Deep Water’ has very powerful and clear message running through the song written by lead guitarist and back up vocalist Andrew McCulloch. The message is when you feel like giving up and you feel the world is against you but keep going and it will work out ok in the end, the message is heard in lyrics like;

“When you feel like letting go

Don’t give up the fight

When it shakes you to the core

Just hold on”

The vocals are shared in this song between Wright and McClloch again giving the song depth with their contrasting yet beautifully harmonizing vocals.

As with the rest of Kasama’s latest releases you fall immediately in love with this song and it feels like a song you have known for ages as it is just so easy to sing along to and will definitely be stuck in your head for days.




YouTube video of Deep Water