For those who don’t know you, how would you sum up your music?

I feel like a bit of a story teller, singing about things everyone once did as a kid, through to growing up as a teenager all the way to my present day experiences now as an adult and father. Some my lyrics are serious, some bit cheeky and some are fictional. I get ideas about made up characters, I think it stems back to when I was a kid and my Gran (Kate) used to tell me make believe stories and I could relate to them. I always loved them and I think that’s why most of my music is also so relatable to everyone listening.I talk alot about stuff people do growing up or are still doing now but just with my take on it.

When should we expect any new music?

Very soon…. I’ve just recorded a new single which is titled:
“When it all falls into place” Which I recorded at Magic Box in Dundee, produced by Scotty Anderson, the guys a wizard…I’m hoping it will be the start of something big. He’s great to work with, really knows his stuff,made it alot of fun and got me excited to let everyone hear what I have made.

You recently supported The Snuts, what was that like?

Mega….Last time I was at fat Sam’s I was supporting Gerry Cinnamon..which had sold out and with The Snuts gig being sold out aswell, I always get a real buzz coming to play there as love the Dundee crowds they really get behind you and love a bounce about while waiting for the main acts to come on stage.The venues great. It holds around 1000 folk the sound engineer said and everyone piled in early which was good. All the tracks went down well and The Snuts are great lads with a cracking sound. I would love to do it again anywhere, anytime man.

Who were your influences growing up?

When I was younger it was football everyday. Morning, Noon and Night. Then as I got a bit older music took over, everything got dropped for that man. I’ve got 3 brothers and a sister, we were always upto something…Alloa was buzzing when I was younger the parks always had about 50 bairns at a time in them. Especially Fridays and weekends man, good times….

What’s your plans for 2020?

I’m hoping to be gigging with a full band next year.. I will still play acoustic shows aswell. I want to play as much shows as I can and get as many new fans as possible and just play play play ken?
I’ve got a full 2nd album written ready to go, and my Manager, Mikey Tee, at M.I.C Management will be sending my new single to a few labels and getting it out on Spotify, iTunes and Google Play, in a hope that it gets the listens I think it deserves.
Also get a video up on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram so it reaches the most people it can do and see if that brings the interest of some of the record labels. I want them to like what I’ve been doing and that they want to get me on board for a new album deal… That’s the end goal aye.

What’s your favourite Scottish artists / bands at the moment?

Always gotta go with Kyle falconer… But Billy Mitchell’s great, also Carly Connor and Vida. There’s loads man.. Nickajack Men, and Luke La Volpe.
Tell you what song I really do like just now though….. The Snuts – (All Your Friends) it sounds like it should be in a Jason Statham movie!

What’s your favourite venue or venues you have played at so far? 

Most enjoyable venues so far have been Fat Sam’s or Leith Theatre at EH6 Festival.

What’s the plan for the rest of the year?

Hopefully shoot a video for the new single. “When It All Falls Into Place”
Get it ready to release, get it on all major platforms and send it out to labels.
Start forming a band, get the songs from the last album tight and sounding the best they can. Also gonna do a few acoustic shows with the very talented Lyle Finlay aswell.

Where do you want to go next in musical terms?

My aim is to establish a full live sound with a band and share it with as much people as possible. Build a team around that and move forward as a group.

If you could cover one song, what would it be and why?

American Pie – because it makes me feel epic, it’s one of them tunes that makes me want to just go bananas! There’s loads of tunes like that though. That’s why I love doing it.

If you could play at one festival anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

Benicassim Festival 2020..why? Suns out…Shades on…Shorts on… Sliders on…Tap aff….. Down to the beach with the guitars….Living it up….