Words by Aisha Fatunmbi-Randall

‘Aftershave’ is the brand-new foot stomping, feel-good anthem from multi-instrumentalist, singer songwriter Jonnie Wallace. Based in Leith, Edinburgh, Wallace has been producing crowd-pleasing bangers since the start of his solo career in 2018. After a string of self-penned indie singles and a charming debut EP, ‘Aftershave’ is an honest and authentic track with lyrics that we all can relate to.

The song bursts into life with Wallace’s recognisable rich vocals. What follows is an energetic track oozing with personality. The track bounces along until the finale explodes with a chant-able melody played on electric guitar. Jonnie has a knack for taking real world events and giving them a
charismatic spin in his lyrics, and this song exemplifies that.

Inspired by late nights out, the song tells a story of staying out too long and coming back to someone special. It’s a spin on his previous
relationship-based love songs, a heartfelt tribute to youthful relationships.
‘Aftershave’ marks an evolution in Wallace’s work with a decision to use live drums in the recording.

He describes the song as having a more “authentic feel” thanks to a less perfectionist approach. This track is his third recording with Glasgow’s Cam Hunter and with Jonnie Wallace hinting at an EP on the horizon, we can’t wait to see what they produce next.
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