Idle Comets newly released mellow anthem, ‘Midnight Delight’ was premiered through us on the 20th of June 2020. If you have not had the pleasure of listening to this beautifully produced track, then I suggest taking the time to do so! It is three minutes and forty-one seconds of pure gold! Idle Comets are a brilliant, indie-pop band from Glasgow and its surrounding areas and are definitely a group to keep your eyes peeled for. Hearing ‘Midnight Delight’ for the first time was an experience within itself, with a steady beat and relaxing feel, I was blown away and I knew, it would immediately become one of my favourite tracks of the summer. The lyrics, which perfectly explain what it feels like when someone is permanently stuck on your mind, but you like the constant thoughts of them. These alluring lyrics are accompanied by a peaceful voice, making the track a stand-out, relatable, easy listening belter! Idle Comets are for fans of Retro Video Club and The Night Café, they are bursting at the seams with potential, and are ready to be heard. I am really looking forward to seeing what these guys have instore for us in the future, after their first track ‘Getaway’ and now ‘Midnight Delight’, it is clear we will not be disappointed.