Single Review | Hannah Grae | Time of Your Life

Over the last few months, singer-songwriter Hannah Grae has gained some well-deserved credits that’s saw her land some great festival slots since summer and supporting some great names including a recent slot with Liverpool band Crawlers in London’s O2 Islington. Catching her recently at Manchester’s Neighbourhood Festival, I got the sense from one set the future is bright for her.

With an average of 30k monthly listeners on Spotify, the Welsh superstar is back with her second single Time of Your Life and it’s instantly gaining respect and love from her fast-growing fan base. With a fine mix of punk edge of Sleater-Kinney and Bikini Kill but also throwing in a more modern drop of Taylor Swift, Hannah is certain to gain the following she deserves.

Time of Your Life is a song the was written about her torrid time in high school and will relate to a large number of people across the globe. It’s a song that’s for anyone who in her own words ‘suffered any bullshit’, the insecurity and toxic friends that caused any pain – we all ourselves had or know someone with these experiences in school and the song comes with that deep connection.

The chorus to the song is simple yet effective in whatever way you take it, ‘welcome to the best days of your life, bet you can’t wait to feel alive’ – take from that what you will but growing it was something I heard on more than one occasion and relating to this song myself, can feel the point behind every lyric.

Two songs in and things are looking very bright for Hannah and the excitement growing around her and her music, I can’t wait to see where things head next – she will be heading off on a small run of dates before the end of this year that’ll see her head back to Manchester where she takes to the stage in the Deaf Institute before concluding her year (for now) in London’s The Lower Third.

Listen to Hannah’s brand new single below – you will not regret it.

Hannah pleasing the Manchester crowd at NBHD Festival.