If you are a fan of more ‘traditional’ rock and roll with hints of delta blues then this album is one to go buy/download/stream.

Edinburgh rockers Black Cat Bone’s ‘Tales Of The Amplified’ is now out in the universe for all to hear. To celebreate the album there are two huge launch parties happening in both Edinburgh and Glasgow in April.

“We wanted to maintain the spontaneity of our live shows while exploring the intricacies of the studio – We feel we have achieved the perfect balance. We want our fans and new listners to feel every note, every beat, every emotion, every story that we’ve poured into the album.” – Black Cat Bone

The highly anticipated album was recorded by Niall Sinclair at 456 studio in Edinburgh and mastered by the legend that is Owen Morris. Morris has worked with some of the best UK bands throughout his career, Oasis, Kasier Chiefs and Dundee legends The View to name a few.

Tales Of The Amplified is available exclusively to Assai on Vinyl and CD. Offering ticket bundles for the bands Edinburgh show at La Belle Angele on the 6th of April.

Black Cat Bone creatively blend good old rock and roll with some real blues undertones, making for impressive listening.

Ross Craig has a really captivating voice which demands the listeners attention, it’s really fresh yet familiar. I think the whole record has an underlying comfort and nostalgic factor about it while giving us a super original, marketable rock album that oozes cool. The record gives that ‘nod of the head’ to the bands and artists that inspired them to pick up an instrument and play with such feeling.

In all honesty I hadn’t heard of the band until the album landed in my inbox and I’m very glad it did. Having been a big fan of blues growing up it’s super exciting to hear bands continuing to pay special tribute to the genre and keep blues alive in some form. Opening track Undertone; a track that gives good insight into what the album is about. Powerful vocals, rhythmic and heavy guitar with some dirtyyyy harmonica. An addition to the track I didn’t expect however became a favourite feature throughout.

Jamie Beaton is a talented guitarist and throughout the album I feel he gets the balance right of what to play and when to leave space, versus moments of simplistic being best. He has a great guitar tone and writes some bold riffs into the songs which caught my attention particularly in Shake it!

Black Cat Bone’s rhythm section Kai Wallace (Drums) and Ewan McKenna (Bass) are polished and sharp, getting a chance to really set the tempo in Loose Juice. A track I could imagine being played live in an old American underground rock and roll club with some high energy dancing.

Pick Yourself Up brings a change of pace from the rest of the album. A melodic guitar and piano ballad with such raw passion in Ross’s vocal. This track particularly stands out on the album for me, it’s beautiful and so full of grit.

Finally, Blues For You, taking us down south to the delta, paying homage to the origin of their band name with some Hoodoo charm. Blues For You fuses the best of the bands rock and blues influences.

I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to listen to this album and write a review. I understand the influences that have shaped the band from blues, rock & roll to more 70s psychedelic rock.

The album is clever, creative and pretty hypnotic. So go pre-order it from Assai Records (I’ve already done it) , put it on the vinyl player once it arrives and lie down in a dark room and feel everything the album was meant to make you feel. Until then you can stream it on Spotify…

You can tell a lot of hard work has gone into this album and I really do feel it’s 13 tracks of brilliance.

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