With this entrancing and haunting release, DRIFT are able to capture a unique energy with incredible new release ‘Lifeline’

It can be said that this year has been a period of time dictated by fear and disruption, and with this offering, DRIFT are able to capture the energy and the instinct of letting go of all of your inhibitions and throwing caution to the wind.

Surfing through the waves of harmonious electronica, the duo can create a sound that is incredibly atmospheric and that encapsulates the listener’s inhibitions. The sound that is presented in this track is extremely ethereal and matching to the subject matter, one that will allow the listener to inevitably change their perspective on the drastic and frightening realities of the current state of the world. In terms of vocal ability, Linzi Clark and producer Andrew Quinn are able to pair perfectly in a gorgeous display of harmonious excellence, with this track being the first vocal outing for producer Andrew in the group. Overall, the immersive nature of this track makes for what could be an infectious beat to accompany a glittering invite to the dance floor as the band offer up their most emphatic and moving track to date.

The band have been critically acclaimed by a number of publications and have graced the stages of some of the most prestigious venues in the last 2 years, such as Tenement TV, BBC Radio Scotland and Sofar Sounds. Vocalist Linzi has always been prominent in raising awareness of issues within the music industry. As of 2019, she created a series of songwriting workshops for women aged 16-25 in order to tackle the gender pay gap and allow women to create a collective to support each other through their music. There are big things on the horizon for this duo and this track is a testament to the hard work and drive that will get them there.

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