Sparking obvious influence from modern indie bands such as Fur and The Strokes, unsigned Glasgow talent Voodoos have released their second EP: ‘What Was That Supposed to Mean?’ following on from the immense success of their pre-lockdown performance supporting The Dunts in SWG3, where they showcased their incredible array of unreleased indie rock anthems. 

‘What Was That Supposed to Mean?’ Is introduced with the first single released back at the beginning of April – ‘TV Set’. With relatable heartfelt lyrics and an infectious chorus, TV Set received an eccentric reaction from fans who were posting their admiration and appreciation for the track all over social media from the minute the song became available to stream, indicating that it will no doubt be cemented as a fan favourite during live shows. The first track on the Coatbridge lads’ EP further indulges into their original and unique sound of the indie/ alternative rock genre with clean-crunch guitar tones and a rocking bassline cementing the song together throughout.

“Sometimes I feel like I might not be good enough, but that’s okay because there will always be someone to come and take the stage”.

Have a listen to this 1980’s nostalgia-themed
retro video game take on Voodoos’ ‘TV Set’!

We are then treated to the unreleased tune named ‘Party’s over’ which longtime fans/ followers of the band will instantly recognise as a fundamental part of Voodoos’ set lists from a while back. Party’s over is an uplifting feel-good track, that manages to reignite the popular classic early 2000’s indie anthems from the likes of The Wombats and The Libertines. It can definitely be said this track will go down immensely with the eager TRSNMT 2021 crowd when the lads finally get their long overdue performance to tear it up on The River Stage.

This photograph was taken from Voodoos’ Instagram page, check it out using the links at the bottom of the article!

Collectively, ‘What Was That Supposed to Mean?’ lyrically explores incredibly relatable themes to that of a young audience finding their feet in life whether it be experiencing a heartbreak, or the anxieties that come with individuality and longing to feel involved with a crowd. 

The lead vocal effect present on this next hopeful track, ‘Young Punks’, is quite reminiscent to that of Julian Casablancas and generally carries an optimistic and refreshing summer-like atmosphere for easy listening through classic alternative-rock style with excellent drumming, memorable lead guitar riffs and sublime, warm vocals.

“I don’t care if I’ll be let down, as long as I’m not missing out’

The EP perfectly concludes with their most recent single ‘Going South’, which also showcases the ecstatic summer road trip feel similar to ‘Party’s Over’. The tune kicks off instantly in classic Voodoos fashion with a quick paced rhythmic chord progression, complimented by a catchy lead riff leading into a captivating sing-along chorus. ‘Going South’ then utilises a complete change of atmosphere for a toned down bridge section before once again soaring adrenaline levels for the concluding chorus of the excellent EP.

‘What Was That Supposed to Mean?’ Is just the beginning for Voodoos, general music fans and loyalists of the Glasgow Music Scene will be most eager to catch the lads at a post-lockdown gig to be treated to live performances of all their new belters.