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The minute I pressed play on MANA I got teleported in a video game where I was wearing a black badass leather suit and I was on my way to fight criminals against a very atmospheric green background.

“MANA is a vehicle of rage ploughing through a post-apocalyptic ghost town.” – Dead Pony

Close enough

Their previous single however, MK NOTHING might be bit closer to my interpretation.

 “MK Nothing came from a daydream about a wicked and cool girl who was MK Ultra mind controlled to go out and assassinate the bad guys of the world,” – Dead Pony

There you go

So there’s a similar theme going on here, an angry vivid dream with zombies and ghost towns and a cool girl in the middle of it set to destroy the world. Both songs signal a powerful change of atmosphere from the band’s earlier discography, mainly through the lyrical imagery. We still get the catchy almost pop-like chorus but there’s a lighter touch in songs like “23 Never Me” and “All Dressed Up For Nothing”. MANA is more confident and fantasy based. Less autobiographical and more imaginative with a dark twist and a powerful guitar backing track. The vocal melody is sharp and robotic-like, perfectly in tune with the song’s theme and there is an effortlessness in the way the melody shifts throughout the song which is easily comparable to a pop structure.

If there’s more music coming out you gotta be excited because Dead Pony are only getting cooler.

You can now listen to MANA on all available streaming platforms.

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