Single Review | Cruise Balloon | Sixty Minutes Late

Sixty Minutes Late single artwork

“An honest reflection on mistakes and actions.”

Glasgow indie-rock quartet, Cruise Balloon, start the year off with catchy new single, ‘Sixty Minutes Late‘. Produced by Chris Marshall and Johnny Madden, the band’s newest track continues a similar memorable approach as debut single ‘Mary Midas‘.

With a light and airy yet very guitar heavy melody, ‘Sixty Minutes Late‘ is a track that sounds incredible as a studio single, and is bound to sound equally as amazing live. Cruise Balloon are not only making their mark with appealing anthems, their live shows seem to be equally as exciting. Having already supported Rosella and Fat Dads, both in Glasgow, the group are rapidly emerging and securing a foundation in their hometown scene.

Clear vocals accompany the indie-rock sound, allowing every listener to fully understand the intended messages of the track. ‘Sixty Minutes Late‘ explores feelings like disappointment and perhaps the guilt that comes with this.

The band vocalise a scenario of consistently letting a specific person down even after they’ve given you numerous chances to redeem yourself. “Angrily she looks at me, asked for a chance, she gave me three” is a lyric that perfectly summarises and drives this message.

The songwriting approach in this latest track from Cruise Balloon doubles down on painting a picture. The lyricism helps listeners build a mental image of these various emotions and the things causing them. Whilst a lot of tracks speak on behalf of those who have felt disappointment, the Glasgow band take the opposite approach. Instead, they’ve created a track that looks at this upset on the side of the person causing it. What is quite refreshing, however, is that they haven’t used the track to make excuses for standing someone up or letting them down. It’s all about taking accountability for the feelings we cause someone to experience, an honest reflection on mistakes and negative actions.

She said she hates me when I’m sixty minutes late” brings the title to life, directly providing the action that has diverted plans, and subsequently dispirited someone. We will all be let down or disheartened at some point in our lives and Cruise Balloon have provided a unique insight into the mind of someone who causes this. It is such a notable tune that embodies exactly what kind of sound Cruise Balloon are following and making their own. Whether they continue with tracks like ‘Sixty Minutes Late‘ or divert to a different musical direction, the group are bound to make more songs a wide audience will love.