Single Review | Concrete Kingdoms | No Regrets 

Fife based hard rock five piece Concrete Kingdoms have released their latest single No Regrets, perfectly following on from where their previous single Into The Unknown left off – an energetic and heavy blues rock track anchored by sludgy guitar tones.

Vocalist Mark Hawthornes voice channels grunge influenced gritty low notes that sit snuggly against the distorted guitar work, delivering it’s self-affirming lyrics about living life to the full without dwelling on mistakes. The moody yet pounding verses lead into a more dramatic chorus, which is punctuated by piercing leads – this is where drummer Grant really shines on the track as the song builds to a dramatic classic rock inspired guitar solo that perfectly closes the tune.

Overall, No Regrets does what it says on the tin, musically it’s not breathtakingly original but it’s not supposed to be, this is just good ol’ rock ‘n roll for rock ‘n rolls sake, and if you happen to be a fan of Velvet Revolver or Alter Bridge then this one’s definitely one you don’t want to sleep on. No Regrets is out now on all major streaming platforms.