Single Review | The Chinaskis | Bought & Sold

I was captured at the album titled ‘Songs for the Scunnered’ which is the brand new upcoming album by The Chinaskis! 

With its Scottish title, it is no surprise that this band has its roots from no other than beautiful Caledonia – Scotland. The Chinaskis formed in Scotland, “is the bastard brainchild of Scottish singer-songwriter Robbie Edmonstone,” ( although he now resides in Dallas, USA.


Fourteen years ago Robbie Edmonstone started the band in a way I personally feel that most brilliant ideas come about, which is with long-standing drinking friends! (Cheers to that!) Of course though like many bands, this album has not been an easy nor a quick journey, but has added to the motivation, heart and character of their long-awaited debut album, ‘Songs for the Scunnered’ which is due to be released in April this year. 

Listening to the power pop band’s single, ‘Bought and Sold’ you will be in for a treat (especially for those who are a fan of soft rock). With its harmonically rich sounds, strong melodic chorus and its inviting, characteristic lyrics this track is easy to pick up and sing along to.

Also, as a fellow huge rock fan, I was pleasantly reminded of the song ‘Your Love’ by ‘The Outfield’ so for any eighties fans this will tick all your music boxes too! 

 I can hear the influences from R.E.M, and Tom Petty, and it goes without saying the influence from their bonnie natives – Biffy Clyro. 

With The Chinaskis release fast approaching I’m excited to see the impact they have, particularly in Dallas and further afield. Given it’s the time of year when we all need a pick me up, why not gain inspiration from The Chinaskis – grab your good pals, and drinking partners and gather around and check out The Chinaskis single ‘Bought and Sold’ followed soon with their album ‘Songs for the Scunnered.’