Single Review | Charlie Clark | Late Night Drinking

Released on June 4th, “Late Night Drinking” is the latest release of Astrid’s co-founder Charlie Clark.

The first track under Clark’s new label, No Big Deal Music, is the title track of his Debut album which is set to be unleashed this October.

Raw, unrefined and intimate, Clark has created a sonic cocktail of lilting guitar tones and harmonies which are a nod to his days in Astrid, but still undeniably unique and laced with a sound that is distinctively his own.

The instrumentation is a bed for the euphonious vocals to shine upon, carrying an immensely personal message of the breakdown in his marriage during his time in LA. The title track delves deep, reflecting the singer’s situation at the time. The unforgiving honesty in “Late Night Drinking” is a testament to Clark’s ability to portray a message as compelling as this with a poetic touch.

Clark’s talent is nothing to sniff at, opening for the likes of Snow Patrol and Arab Strap, the Scottish musician has a wealth of experience under his belt. “Late Night Drinking” is a display of strength after two decades in the industry and acquiring a great deal of musicianship during this time.

It’s the eerie nuances that drive the message in this pop/rock ballad home, emphasising the haunting honesty wrapped around each word.

“I was thinking, I could stay late night drinking- it’s better this way. I don’t want to be alone, I can’t go home”

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