Autobahn 86 delivers an invigorating and moving tribute to the NHS on debut single National Health Service

Electronica duo Autobahn 86 have remained relatively in the shadows for the majority of their time as artists, however with this emphatic and perfectly timed release, one could say that they will be on everyone’s radar very soon.

With the world in disarray with the COVID-19 pandemic happening, it can be said that the workers on the frontline are deserving of a tribute fitting of those in the social elite and with this single, with the accompaniment of a spoken word piece by Jokey, the duo establish this need for a national health service now more than ever. Overall, the empathic combination of synths is a fitting backdrop to the rallying message being portrayed, especially the line ‘I was born as a child of the national health service’ which is, safe to say, the uniting experience for the listener and helps to drive home the message that the NHS has been imperative to disaster prevention in the past and it most assuredly will be again.

It is safe to say that this track is an unforgettable introduction to artists who have already left a lasting impression with this bold and chord-striking debut. With political and socio-economical sectors in society being in disarray, this track can help to fuse what injustice is happening with what can be positively changed.

Check out the track using the link below: