It was (luckily!) by chance that I came across this wee diamond in the rough that is Kardo at a recent pre-apocalypse gig in Glasgow, yet the joy I glean from rinsing this new EP remains unchanged. A four-piece from Glasgow, they bring an understated vibe to the boldest of sounds. In this new EP we see a whole two new songs, never been heard before and a lovely Strokes cover, showcasing their adept capacity for morphing sounds and making them their own.

The first is the summery-est of sounds. ‘Honey’ is laced with all the feels of sunsets and long nights, it’s a well crafted number. Full of happy hooks, it’s the soundtrack to the road trips we can only dream of. The rhythm guitar feature is a pretty decal that sits at the end of some catchy vocals. The beauty of this track is that it offers that make-me-want-to-dance-all-day kind of thing, while still being sublimely clever and intricate in both composition and execution.

The second track of this blinder of a compilation is low key sweeping me away on a fluffy cloud in the sky. Its solid while being ever so gentle. I appreciate the subtle addition of mad synth bridges and epic guitar riffs that provide that all-encompassing build up which then craftily dissipates into the dark matter that is my headspace.

The EP concludes with a nice rendition of ‘Someday’ from the Strokes. If there was ever the pick me up that you’ve been looking for, its nestled neatly in this new EP release from Kardo. You can find out more from these guys over at the links below.