Edinburgh songwriter Angelica Mode expresses an undying infatuation whilst combatting a series of vices on their new track ‘Your Love is All The Rage’

Sporting a brooding tone and a commendable display of candor through every aspect of their music, Edinburgh singer/songwriter Angelica Mode is an artist that every avid connoisseur of the country’s budding music scene should be queueing up on their streaming services.

The track takes on a structure of varying intensity and tempo throughout to fully express the range of emotion that the narrator is going through whilst trying to determine their feelings for the person they are addressing. Through this brand of lyricism, a range of niche and seemingly overlooked actions and feelings are touched on, to express the idea that the narrator is going through whatever they have to in order to be on the same page.

’I only drink so I‘ll forget that you were happier than me’

In terms of composition, the track has a pretty stripped down approach with the backdrop for the lyrical content taking on a slow rock form in order to garner the full impact of the lyrics. The tempo gives a track a sort of mainstream appeal with the drums setting a toe-tapping rhythm that could function as an ear-worm for a listener with very little difficulty.

Overall, this track makes for a familiar listen but one that is seemingly on the way to making the career of an exciting talent in the scene. We shall be hearing the name Angelica Mode time and time again sooner than we think. Check out and follow them using the links below: