Perth 5-piece Post Ironic State have built quite a name for themselves around the Scottish music scene, gaining plaudits for their highly intense live shows around the country. Having gained recognition from the likes of BBC Scotland and The National, the alternative synth-pop outfit are looking to ride the wave with their 4th single, “Grin and Bear”.

Drawing us in from the get-go, the track begins with a washed-out drum machine and synth combination that explodes into an epic soundscape that will just about take your head off. Bursting into action with thumping bass, blistering hi-hats, and an onslaught of synthesisers, we are met with a massive 80’s pop production style that has gained a resurgence recently, championed by Scottish contemporaries Echo Machine and The Ninth Wave. There is a lot to be said about the production value here, having been recorded and mixed by Scotty Anderson who has produced for some of the most accomplished artists in the country.

Pictured by Polina Sevastyanova

Lead singer Jai McCann describes the song as, ” The antithesis of a love song. Grin and Bear seems like a song about a relationship but is more about struggling to come to terms with loneliness.” The lyrical content certainly does point to relationship issues, with lines such as, “I’m by the back and you’re not there/You disappeared right into thin air“, that wouldn’t be out of place in a modern pop song. The ability to take such a personal subject and twist it into the narrative of a love song says a lot about the thought that goes into the band’s lyricism.

With 4 singles under their belt, “Grin and Bear” is the New Wave outfit’s most ambitious of all. It’s tracks like these that leave you itching for live shows to come back.

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