Fronted by Scott McPherson, The Black Denims incorporate influences such as Bob Dylan and Waylon Jennings to provide an exciting and unique twist of country and rock ‘n’ roll. The Glaswegian 7 piece have shown their credible talent and diversity in the space of just two months with three new songs that are all very different , the latest of the three being the very retro and bluesy  ‘Stopping Dead’. 

This track is somewhat  like a time machine back into a 50s teen film, with its blend of soulful instrumentation and flirtatious themes. Introducing itself with very intricate and jazzy piano playing, at the start this track instantly sets itself apart. As the track progresses it becomes reminiscent of acts such as Patsy Cline, however in a more melancholic light. The collection of electric guitar, calming drums and piano as well as the distinctive use of brass instruments not only gives the track a vintage feel to it but both compliments and contrasts the singer’s eccentric and Joe Strummer like vocals.

In all an excellent track that’s very different to the tracks we’re used to hearing nowadays and also conveying the band’s great ability and they’re individuality as artists.