‘Everyday’s the Same’ is the debut single from teenager Maya Jane who illustrates a wide range of influences creating excitement for what is to come next in her musical career.

Released on October 12th, ‘Everyday’s the Same’ is the debut single from teenager Maya Jane who illustrates influences such as modern ballads from the likes of Lana Del Rey with a slight hint of country inspired chord progressions similar to that of blues rock legend Johnny Cash. Maya’s first single release provides a catchy chorus that will most definitely be one to catch a live performance of once gigs eventually return.

Lyrically, ‘Everyday’s the Same’ explores the idea of feeling that life is on repeat without much hope for a change in lifestyle or routine, a topic that couldn’t be more relevant during lockdown within a global pandemic. ‘Everyday’s the Same’ presents the relatable subject matter of wondering who your real friends are when in times of trouble or loneliness, and using sleep as a method of blocking out these emotions rather than facing them.

A gig to look out for in 2021! Check out Maya or B12’s social media accounts for more information.

The tune is released through the talent management and event promotion team of ‘B12 Entertainment’ who are based in Inverclyde with the aim of putting young and upcoming artists on the Scottish music radar, also being one to take note of for the future with plenty of plans for gigs already in mind for next year. It’s no surprise that B12 Entertainment got in contact with Maya to work alongside her regarding this release creating a buzz knowing this is only the first step in their collaboration.

Maya Jane is definitely an act to keep an eye out for the future, with her debut single ‘Everyday’s the Same’ showcasing her talent in relatable lyricism and excellent singing. Working alongside B12 Entertainment, the talented teen is stepping in the right direction of setting up what is bound to be a successful career in music for herself. 

Indulge yourself in ‘Everyday’s the Same’ by Maya Jane on Spotify.