There ain’t nothing like a Glasgow debut and this is what the guys from Paris Youth Foundation brought in spades last week over at SWG3’s Poetry club. Liverpool based indie outfit, who have catapulted their way from bedroom beats to festival feats in a very short time, are proving to be a little piece of paradise, hidden amongst the roughage of talent out there at the moment.

They were supported by locals Kardo who were full of the ambitions and energy. A tidy wee group, this four piece from Glasgow were a nice find. With appearances on shows such as Insight, they are making a pretty massive imprint for Scotland on the national stage. Their performance was one of hype and happy vibes. They filled the intimate space inside the Poetry club with pleasing tones and punchy frequency zones. As such a young outfit, their potential simply oozes from their humbuckers.

Then it was time for the big Kahuna of the night, la crème de ma Wednesday night, Paris Youth Foundation. An indiscernible name, undoubtable talent. It gave me that feeling, that the Glasgow music scene is so good at doing, that this city is a mecca for creativity and innovation of the lyrical variety. Painting pictures of love and heartbreak, the guys brought the feels and the hook, line and sinker sing-along numbers. Free spirited and lacking in inhibition, their sound is one that puts together uniquely resonating vocals with carefully crafted tracks that know how to hit the heart of any human. Their stage presence was evidently owned, it was a solid set of composition delivered on higher planes with a clearly well-established following. We hope they’ll make Glasgow a regular stop on their future tours.

You can find out more about Kardo and PYF at the links below and don’t forget to check out PYF’s latest single if you want to get in on some pretty saucy sounds.