Gig Review | Ghost | OVO Hydro, Glasgow | 13.04.2022

Papa Emeritis IV returns to the UK with his brand new Imperatour show. Going by the sold out signs across the country it was plain to see the whole nation was ready for the much anticipated return of the Swedish metal outfit.

Ghost return to Glasgow to help support studio album number 5 Impera – a record that raced straight to number in the UK metal charts and rightly so, seeing big hit singles like Call Me Little Sunshine and Hunters Moon help it on its way to such high success. A sold out Wednesday evening in a sun soaked Ovo Hydro saw the Stockholm band headline such fine venue for the second time in short succession following a special night in 2019.

Twin Temples

LA based satanic band Twin Temples are first to entertain an already well filled Hydro. Bringing their spin of 50’s and 60s rock and roll and 20’s blues mixed in with a nice healthy dose of Satanism. Their combined love for rock and the dark arts of Satanism thrown into a show was in their own words designed only for those who understand their way of life – as emphasised in the past they don’t want to convert you.

A fun fact to take is the pair met at a pop rock show and dabbled in other bands before marrying and eventually performing as a duo – funny enough they played their first show together on Halloween in 2016. Their music would not look out of place on 60’s shows such as Be -witched and even Batman – there is even a certain style of Amy Winehouse in the way singer Alexandra comes across.

A thoroughly enjoyable set with some spectacular vocals on show.

Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats

Second to grace the stage was a band that certainly brought a different sound to the evening. Cambridge psychedelic metal band Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats – a set that saw thick layers of sound that are thrown at you to overthrow your senses as you gaze at the stage.

The band have been previously described as the lovechild of Alice Cooper, early Black Sabbath and The Stooges. Its clear to see in the tracks Over and Over Again & Shockwave City – both jam packed with Sabbath-esque dirty riffs and Ozzy misstyled lyrics.

The 4 piece have been around since 2009 so far dropping 5 studio albums along the way – tonight’s set really gave a good verity of the journey the band have been on with a mixed set that stretched over almost all 5 records. Looking around the room the crowd were glued to what was on show.


As the white curtain drops to the sound of Imperium (Intro), the big guns were ready to blow Glasgow away – as the stage fills with nameless Ghouls, on steps Papa Emeritus IV to a smoke filled stage. Three guitars are front of stage as they strike into their opening track, Kaisarion – front man Forge takes over as he delivers a huge opening. The crowd are straight on board from the off. “When the paradise is lost go straight to…. Scotland” is met with a huge cheers from the Glasgow faithful.

Heading back to 2018 with single Rats, its dark melodic beats ripple round the arena as Forge asks the crowd to sing as he skips around the stage while the ghouls ply their trade. Stand under a single spot he adores soaking in what unfolds before him. He leaves the stage as his ghouls deliver an incredible breakdown before returning back to the stage to kick in with From the Pinnacle to the Pit.

Forge had this Glasgow crowd in the palm of his hand – his ownership of the whole room sums up just how incredible to witness this band really are. Being a tour to support the new record, the crowd has the treat of singles Hunters Moon and largely popular singalong Call Me Little Sunshine.

From the brand new, to the classics that built Ghost the platform they have today and continue to showcase the success of they songs. A heavy church organ starts as we go into prog derived rock epic, Devil Church – draped in blue light, the ghouls are gathered round the foot of the drum riser as the lights dim and the bass rumble takes over. On powers the set and next up is 2015’s Circle, this doomy riff and striking drum beat sees the stage filled with dry ice.

Ritual – from 2010 album Opus Eponymous is a more pop driven track, full of dirty guitar, switch up fast kick drum and snare cracks with great guitar looping over the top. Year Zero brings a different more psychedelic feel to this portion of the set – a union of Sabbath and Floyd, dark and just simply enchanting. The stage is filled the fire during the chorus you can feel hit hard regardless of your spot in the room.

A enchanting confetti ending to Mummy Dust saw the band end on a beautiful setting before leaving the stage to what they said was the end of the night… but we all know this is never the case. The lights dimmer, Forge and his ghouls take to the stage for the encore. A band favourite and a nod to U.S heroes Metallica – it was time for Enter Sandman. Forge stands front and centre delivering the opening lines to the sound of a piano before the loud smash of pyrotechnics kick things into a rock classic it is.

A set you can feel no one wants to end was sadly reaching its conclusion – Dance Mecabre is a pure rock n roll tune that followed Metallica’s huge classic. ‘You got your dancing shoes on?’ shouts Forge as he sets the crowd up for whats to come – the dirty bass and kick drum smash you full on and the crowd were bouncing and hands aloft clapping as Forge wanders the stage. More confetti fills the room with coloured ticker tape as the song comes to a close.

Set closer Square Hammer has become a huge anthem for the band since its release in 2016 – a song that a lot of Ghost fans can relate to. A song that can only be used to end a set as the full crowd bounces and sings back the lyrics at the top of their voice. A perfect ending to an incredible night – and if you ever have the chance being at a festival or otherwise to see this band, the recommendation can’t be stressed enough.