Single Review | These Days | Tex and The Black Cats

“You won’t be able to resist the sound of These Days”

Jack Boa – Discovery Music
The Single:

Three piece Indie/Hard-Rock band Tex & The Black Cats have united East and West with a new objective which is to bring us all together with a massive new track titled “These Days”.

Now for any avid Discovery Music fan this band may sound familiar as they have featured here before. Though let me tell you that this iteration is on a whole new level and more refined. An evolution if you’d like.

The band now come as a three piece including: Lewis Michie on guitar, Alex Twist on guitar and vocals and last but not least, newest addition Ben Dimmock on drums.

Ben really compliments everything the band does musically by utilizing a steady and catchy drum beat that when added with this particular mix helps create a strong back bone to this tune. The intensity of the drums are constant and ever present which helps you concentrate on what’s happening within the piece.

Lead Vocalist Alex Twist makes use of his native Alloa accent, which helps to create a relatable and homely feel throughout. The track itself contains a “bittersweet” conversation that is described below by Mr Twist himself.

“The song is about feeling a bit disillusioned with the world but having someone/something that makes everything worthwhile even through arguments etc, kind of bittersweet”.

Alex Twist – Tex & The Black Cats

While relatively short and sweet “These Days” really can pull at the heart strings. Something about this song goes excellently with deep orange skies and late summer nights.

Guitarist Lewis creates a fabulous riff that repeats throughout and that presents itself as mellow but catchy in addition to the heavier drums and raspy vocals that appear throughout the track.


Tex & The Black Cats really impress with their latest single “These Days”. It’s clear that they have put their absolute heart and soul into it and I cannot wait to see what they next have in store. You can see them at Broadcast – Glasgow on the 24th of June. Do what’s best and go see these guys!