Britain’s best kept secret gears up for a whirlwind summer

Britain’s next biggest rock band, The K’s, are gearing up for a huge summer supporting some massive names all over Europe. The K’s, hailing from Earlestown, released their debut single ‘Sarajevo’ in 2017, and having now racked over 3 million plays on Spotify, the boys are ready to really make their voices heard in the music scene. I managed to sit down and grab a chat with them about their upcoming gig at St Luke’s, supporting James and how it feels to be playing Reading and Leeds Festival.

Q. You smashed onto the scene in 2017 with your highly acclaimed debut single ‘Sarajevo’, can you tell me about life since then? 

Well, it’s been fucking mad. Good like, but mad. We released Sarajevo and then built on that, and everything was going perfectly, to be honest, then fucking COVID hit the reset button which was an absolute fucking nightmare for us. But we’re finally getting back to where we were now so it’s all good. We’ve never been ones to do it the easy way, haha.

Q. Massive gig at Saint Luke’s in Glasgow coming up, have you heard anything about Scottish gigs? Any experiences? What are you expecting?

I fucking love Scotland. I don’t know what it is about playing there – there must be something in the water. Everyone is always well up for it and the shows are always crazy, but everyone is always really sound after the show when we’re getting pictures and stuff. We absolutely love it up there. That nightclub will always have a piece of my heart as well, is it called Firewater? Mint gaff that.

Q. Your new single ‘Hometown’ was released on the 22nd of April, can you tell me what the inspiration for the track was? 

It’s a first hand account of growing up as a normal lad in the UK. That king for a day sort of feeling after getting paid, then the regret that comes with it the next day when you realise it’s pot noodles and water for the next 5 days till you’re paid again! We’ve all been there, haha.

Q. You’re just about to set off on tour, what show you most looking forward to? 

That’s a hard one. Yorkshire is always mint, Scotland is always mint, Manchester and the northwest are always mint. To be honest, all our gigs are fucking mint regardless of where they are! The fans show up and have it wherever we are. We sold London out first though on this tour so I’m quite looking forward to that. I’ll say that and Albert Hall, but only cos I have to pick any!

Q. Your summer doesn’t end after the end of the tour as you are supporting James in July, how buzzing are you all to share a massive stage with such a big name? 

Our summer is absolutely fucking crazy. We play with James in Spain and Portugal, The Killers in Sweden, LG and Iggy Pop in Athens, it’s just mental! Plus mainstages at some of the UK’s biggest festivals too. On a big stage though is where we shine. Our sound is so big and so energetic that those big stages suit us to a tee. Take the metaphorical roof off every time.

Q. Reading & Leeds festival is on the line up for the end of summer, one of the biggest festivals in the UK, one to tell the grandchildren surely? 

Haha, another day at the office for the boys. When we headline it I’ll probably let a few know in years to come but as I said, those big stages are where we shine. We’re not phased by anything and without sounding like a broken record, that metaphorical roof is coming right fucking off!

Q. UK tour smashed, supported James, played Reading festival among so much more, what comes next for The K’s? An album?

Haha, we’ll let you know as soon as we’re allowed.

Q. What is your dream venue/stage to play? The one that you can say you ‘made it’s after playing. 

I don’t think there’s an individual stage for that. Obviously like I’d love to do the Pyramid stage or headline Coachella or whatever, but we’re getting paid to travel around playing tunes with our best mates in mint cities. Long may it continue. A long career making a living doing this is the dream for me.

Q. Who were your biggest musical inspirations growing up? 

I always had good music on in the car and stuff as my dad loves guitar music as much as I do. I was exposed to the likes of The Jam, Sex Pistols, The Clash early doors, but when I was about 13/14, I became obsessed myself. I would watch videos of Weller and Strummer and be completely in awe. The Libertines were the ones that proper got me though. What a fucking band. Still my favourite ever band. Up the bracket literally changed my life, there’s no way I’d be where I am without it. Also got to give huge shouts to up and coming bands like The Heartbreaks, The View, and Twisted Wheel. I know The View were big, but I watched them in an academy early doors and they blew my fucking socks off. Them 3 were a massive part of it, me and my mates would follow them all over the North West at like 14 years old. Fucking ace days, haha.  

Q. What would your dream line-up for a gig be?

Them who I’ve just named. All of them. The Jam, The Clash, Pistols, Libs, The View, Heartbreaks and Wheel. What a fucking lineup that would be, and I wasn’t even thinking that way when I named them! Me and the boys would knock a few out and all if there was any time left in between.

Cheers to the boys for taking the time for a chat, everyone here at DM wishes them the best of luck on what is sure to be a mega summer for them.

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