Gig Preview | Dazed & Confused @ King Tut’s

Summer Nights - Dazed and Confused logo

Stellar lineup of some of Scotland’s greatest bands.

Dazed & Confused return to King Tut’s as part of the venue’s Summer Nights event. They are back in the iconic venue headlining with support from three other bands. These are The Slackhead Incident, Lost Tickets, and Peached.

The Edinburgh headliners will bring a setlist of their anthemic and nostalgic sounding tunes like ‘1000 Guitars‘ and ‘Red Road‘ to life. Dazed & Confused are an incredible band to watch perform live, they aren’t a band you want to miss. With their effortlessly infectious indie sound, each member is an incredible individual talent and their personalities are deeply engraved into their songs and shows.

Accompanying them are The Slackhead Incident, a Glasgow five-piece. This band will be playing their singles including latest track ‘The Ocean‘. Their music is rooted in post-funk mixed with an indie twist. Having also already played the iconic King Tut’s as well as other local Glasgow venues like Nice N Sleazy, this another hometown show for the group.

Another Glasgow five-piece is on the lineup in the form of Lost Tickets. This group’s music focuses on the hard rock genre. This is also another hometown show as they have already played Glasgow’s 13th Note. Their debut single ‘Mr Misdemeanour‘ will be a treat to see live for the first time since it’s release on July 7th.

Peached are also on the lineup. The trio recently released newest single ‘Honey Pie‘ in June of this year. This is also another Glasgow show for this band. Also in June, the band participated in Slay Glasgow where they debuted their latest single.