Calorine | Garden of None | Single Review

Calorine is an up-and-coming indie folk artist. Based in Aberdeen, Calorine is an independent musician both creating and producing her tracks. This includes her most recent single, “Garden of None” which was released on the 24th of January 2021.

“Garden of None” opens with a lo-fi like beat and spoken word samples. The intro is instantly attention grabbing and sets the tone for the piece perfectly. With this combination of sharp drums and soothing piano building within in track, it is very interesting to listen to. “Garden of None’ develops from start to finish, with the introduction of new melodies and instruments. Changing throughout, each verse brings something new to the song and each change is completely unique yet still fits in perfectly with the piece. As a listener, these differences in the verses keeps us intrigued and excited to hear what’s next.

The lyrics speak about changes and hints at feeling lost and the tracks soft melodies and overall nostalgic atmosphere fits this feeling perfectly. The idea of change is also well represented within the differences between sections. Overall, the lyrics fit the tune perfectly and the themes are even found within the music itself.

In terms of instrumentation, the track uses mostly keyboard/synth sounds, perfectly fitting in with Calorines unique style. The use of ambient sounds really adds a dreamy element to the track and brings everything together in an almost mesmerizing way.

Overall, “Garden of None” is a clever and well thought out track featuring some beautiful sounds. The track is a perfect example of her unique music and individual style. “Garden of None” is definitely a track to listen to and will leave you eager to hear more.