Gig Preview | The Blackout | 20/2/24 | SWG3

February 14, 2024 Louise Andrew 0

Celebrating 20 years since Welsh rockers formed ‘The Blackout’, SWG3 will host this monumental and special reunion as they return to Glasgow! This will be the first tour they have done in 9 years, so it goes without saying this has been a gig we have all waited patiently for!

Gig Preview | The Darkness | Barrowlands | 11.12.23

November 23, 2023 Louise Andrew 0

The debut studio album now hitting its 20th anniversary contains those fan favourite top hits from ‘I believe in a thing called Love’, ‘Black Shuck’, ‘Love Is only a feeling’ and many more!
The album reached the UK Album charts number 1 spot for 4 weeks – again, further evidence to back up this album is full of bangers! It is full of fun and after listening to each song once, they somehow have mastered their talent where their songs can permanently stay in your mind afterwards as their so catchy, creative, upbeat, and unique.