Gig Preview | The Blackout | 20/2/24 | SWG3

February 14, 2024 Louise Andrew 0

Celebrating 20 years since Welsh rockers formed ‘The Blackout’, SWG3 will host this monumental and special reunion as they return to Glasgow! This will be the first tour they have done in 9 years, so it goes without saying this has been a gig we have all waited patiently for!

Gig Review | Wargasm | SWG3 | 12.12.23

December 24, 2023 Louise Andrew 0

But when things felt like they couldn’t get any better, things went over the scale with the energy in the room. These guys really know how to do an encore and how to end the night on an absolute high when I couldn’t think they would top their energy they came back with a total whack! 

Gig Review | Creeper | 6.11.23 | Clyde Rooms

November 24, 2023 Louise Andrew 0

Creeper do not disappoint. The minute it was time for them to come out to Glasgow fans, they were full of commitment! I adore this band’s level of creativity and attention to detail.
They build up an atmosphere that I haven’t experienced any other band do before the way these guys do it.

Gig Preview | The Darkness | Barrowlands | 11.12.23

November 23, 2023 Louise Andrew 0

The debut studio album now hitting its 20th anniversary contains those fan favourite top hits from ‘I believe in a thing called Love’, ‘Black Shuck’, ‘Love Is only a feeling’ and many more!
The album reached the UK Album charts number 1 spot for 4 weeks – again, further evidence to back up this album is full of bangers! It is full of fun and after listening to each song once, they somehow have mastered their talent where their songs can permanently stay in your mind afterwards as their so catchy, creative, upbeat, and unique.

Gig Review | Skindred | Glasgow Garage | 21.10.23

October 26, 2023 Louise Andrew 0

The banging energy these guys bring is phenomenal. It was a party from start to finish. They look cool, they sound cool, but they leave you feeling like they are your friend! Skindred are clearly born to perform and bring the world music, and they are seriously one to watch as I suspect they will continue to draw in more fans, expand the Skindred family and continue to produce more hits and sell out bigger venues!

Gig Review | North Atlas | Classic Grand | 23.9.23

September 28, 2023 Louise Andrew 0

The punching hard hard-hitting riffs backed up with the powerful beats and rhythm of drums – North Atlas summons your attention in every song and hearing them live gets your heart thumping! The band were on top form with the clear crisp vocals from Leon with added strength and layers in harmonies. 

Interview & Preview with North Atlas | Classic Grand | 23.09.23

September 13, 2023 Louise Andrew 0

Scottish alternative rock band North Atlas are soon to hit the Classic Grand as part of their UK tour this month! Discovery Music Scotland was lucky enough to catch up with Leon and Mike before they start their tour in a couple of weeks so check out what they have to say, but why not do more than that and grab a ticket to come and check them out yourself before it sells out!!