Fresh from their 7 West signing, The Vanities new track is a no holds barred sonic rollercoaster that shows exactly why punk is having such a resurgence across Scotland.

Since their inception, the punk quartet have shown their ability to get any crowd jumping with blistering guitar riffs, thunderous drums and bass, and lyrics reflective of the discontent rife throughout the Scottish punk scene, and OTC continues that trend.

Forging their own path in an indie dominated scene, The Vanities have created another gut punching anthem for the subculture that puts them atop the pack, alongside the likes of Gallus, Snash, and Rascalton. The track opens with thrashing drums and an intro that ingrains itself in your head, then straight in to it with a fast paced riff and distorted vocals. There’s no gimmicks, or crowd following here, it’s straight up punk, and the lyrics dance around heavy themes of drug use, loneliness, and frustration with those around us. The bridge provides a funk influenced bassy interlude, before heading full speed in to the close. 

In times of uncertainty, sometimes what you need is a hard hitting, fast paced dose of aggression and passion, and The Vanities provide it here in spades, managing to bring the energy of their live performances to the recording, and showing us that the band have got a lot of miles left on their journey. The boys are consistently moving from strength to strength, and whatever comes after this is sure to be incredible.

OTC is out Friday 01/05 on Spotify, be sure to check it out and share it about!

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